Is a quick fix ever possible?


What would you say if I told you that it was possible to overcome your fear of flying, or the way you procrastinate, or your 25 cigarettes per day habit in just one session of therapy?

Sounds hard to believe, right? Nonetheless, I have seen this shift happen time and time again.

Welcome to Resource Therapy!

As many of you know, since my last blog post, I have been away on a two week trip to Bali. The first half of my trip was spent in Ubud, completing the advanced clinical training in Resource Therapy; developed and taught by the insightful and knowledgeable Professor Gordon Emmerson.

Resource Therapy is a form of parts therapy and at the core of its premise; it contends that our personalities are made up of different parts.

And it makes sense if you think about the way that we naturally speak about ourselves in ordinary life. For example, have you ever caught yourself saying something like, ‘part of me feels like I should go and part of me feel like I should stay’, or even something such as, ‘I hate the way that I overeat; part of me know that I shouldn’t do it, but I do it anyway’.

Resource Therapy explains that our personality parts or ‘states’, are our resources and when we have unwanted emotions or behaviours; one of our resources may be unhealthy or damaged in some way. Personality parts can carry negative emotions or unwanted behaviour, or there can even be parts which are in conflict with other parts. The precise condition of parts can be brought to the conscious by the skilled Resource therapist, so as to understand the role it plays within the personality.

In childhood and sometimes in adulthood, when we return to certain coping skills, behaviours or thoughts over and over again, the brain grows according to the stimulation it receives. Resource Therapy theory describes the way that the combination of axon and dendrite growth and trained synaptic firings creates a physiological Resource State; a personality part with the intellectual and emotional traits that were used during formation.

Resource therapy can be used to treat all sorts of presenting issues; almost anything you can imagine, from phobias and addictions, to depression, anxiety, insomnia and so much more. Some issues can be treated in as little as just one session, whilst others may need a few more sessions than that. Overall, Resource therapy is a brief, powerful and lasting psychodynamic therapy.

Back when I was learning to become a hypnotherapist, Gordon came by for a weekend at the academy to introduce us to his therapy. What a captivating two days that was!  With a mix of theory, demonstrations, discussion, questions and practice, I think it was safe to say that by the end of the weekend, the majority of the class was hooked on this revolutionary therapy that we had never heard of until then. The demonstrations and the results that we saw and experienced right before our eyes seemed like nothing less than miraculous.

Me, being the sort of person who will take whatever opportunity I can to put myself out there and learn more, stuck my hand up to be a volunteer for one of the demonstrations. Now, let me emphasise for those of you who are not therapists; when you are in a room full of therapists and you are learning and practicing, there is no such thing as bringing a ‘fake’ problem to the table. Nuh uh. We only work on real problems here. And I certainly had a problem. A relationship which had ended roughly three and a half years prior, which I still experienced a lot of confusion and rumination over.

The work that Gordon did with me was amazing. I would have no idea how long the session that he did with me was. 20 minutes? 30 minutes? I’m not sure. In that period of time, I experienced a deeper state of hypnosis than I had ever experienced before; all space and time around me ceased to exist. With skilled direction from Gordon, I worked through a series of stages, from expressing my confusion, changing chairs, talking to my ex, having him speak back to me, expressing myself once more; it all went by in a blur. Afterwards, I can honestly say that I sat back down at my desk, a different person. The confusion was somehow gone. Just like that! After three and a half years of rumination and going over and over all of the if’s why’s and but’s; it took less than half an hour of a session of Resource Therapy to gain the true understanding that I needed in order to feel comfortable and finally let go and move on. Since then, I truly haven’t looked back, and needless to say, I became a Resource Therapy advocate.

Which brings me to Bali. Though I had done the ten day Clinical qualification in Melbourne, I really felt like I still needed to brush up my skills in order to feel truly confident in the application of this therapy. What better way to do it, than juxtaposed with a relaxing holiday in Bali also!

It was an exhausting and tiring, but nonetheless rewarding week, as I met the other therapists in the class and we progressed day by day with more theory, demonstrations, discussion, questions and practice. It sometimes seems like the more I learn, the more there is to keep learning. No matter what subject matter came up; every individual case presented its own uniqueness which made it so special and interesting, and which makes this line of work so rewarding.

I met a wonderful group of therapists from around the world. What an enriching experience, to spend five days straight with such caring, devoted and compassionate people. As Gordon said to us during the training,

“So long as you do this work for the love of people, and the love of seeing their transformations, you can never burn out. That love is what keeps you going”.


I started the training, believing that I was there to just brush up on my skills and take advantage of the opportunity to do so in beautiful Bali, with all of its culture, vibrancy and warmth on every corner you turn. What I left with however, on top of refreshed skills, was a whole new group of fellow therapists who I now call friends, some wonderful memories, and even the confidence that I may one day start training other therapists in this fantastic therapy; as is Gordon’s wish.

There are now hundreds of therapists all around the world trained in Resource Therapy, from Psychologists, counsellors, hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, family therapists and much more.

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